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Nail Department Natural Nail Care

Intensive Healing Pedicure

This pedicure is for anyone who needs a serious foot makeover. Immerse your feet into a cleansing soak, a callus softening agent will be applied to the calloused areas all the while your toenails are being trimmed and your cuticle area groomed. Then experience a invigorating exfoliant scrub up to the knee. Renew your skin with a cooling and refreshing masque wrapped with scented warm towels. Enjoy an extended foot and calf massage followed by a warm paraffin treatment. Finish with Polish.

1.5 hours………$62

With Gel Polish………$72

Intensive Healing Manicure

Softening your hands using a gentle exfoliant to remove dry skin cells all the while shaping you nails and grooming your cuticles. Follow with a relaxing massage from the hand to the elbow with moisturizing lotion. Finally immerse your hands into a paraffin treatment for extra hydration. Finishing with your choice of polish.

1 hour………$45

With Gel Polish………$55

The Classic Pedicure

Immerse your feet into a cleansing soak that removes toxins and impurities Your toenails will be trimmed, your cuticle area groomed and your calloused areas will be smoothed. You will then experience a invigorating exfoliant scrub up to the knee that not only exfoliates but nourishes the skin and enhances hydration. Enjoy an extended foot and calf massage. Finish with polish.

1 hour………$52

With Gel Polish………$62

Nail Department Classic Manicure

This service includes proper shaping of your nails and grooming of your cuticles. A personalized massage with advanced products leaving your skin noticeably smoother. Finishing with your choice of a polish.

45 mins………$35

With Gel Polish………$45

Gentleman’s Manicure

Your nails and cuticles are groomed, followed by a relaxing and moisturizing massage. $25

Gentleman’s Pedicure

This men’s specialty pedicure will restore and condition your neglected feet. After a whirlpool soak and exfoliation, cuticles are repaired, nails are buffed, and a restorative massage completes this treat.

45 (Min.) $38