We offer more than just nail services.



The Classic Manicure

This service includes proper shaping of your nails and grooming your cuticles. A personalized massage with advanced products leaving your skin noticeably smoother. Finishing with your choice of polish.
45 (Min.)......$40   w/ Gel Polish.....$50


The Intensive Healing Manicure

Softening your hands using a gentle exfoliant to remove dry skin cells all the while shaping your nails and grooming your cuticles. Follow with a relaxing massage using advanced products from the hand to the elbow that will moisturize your skin. Finally immerse your hands into Keratin Gloves for extra hydration. Finishing with your choice of a polish.
1 Hour.....$50     w/Gel Polish.....$60


Gentleman’s Pedicure

This men's specialty pedicure will restore and condition your neglected feet. After a whirlpool soak and exfoliant, cuticles are groomed, nails are buffed, and a restorative massage completes this treatment.
45 Minutes.....$40


The Classic Pedicure

Renew your skin and retreat from the harshness of everyday life. Immerse your feet into a cleansing soak. Your toenails will be trimmed, your cuticle area groomed and your calloused areas will be smoothed. You will then experience a invigorating exfoliant scrub up to the knee that not only exfoliates but nourishes the skin and enhances hydration. Enjoy are extended foot and calf massage. Finish with your choice of polish.
1 Hour.....$57     w/Gel Polish.....$67


The Intensive Healing Pedicure

The pedicure for anyone who needs a serious foot makeover. Immerse your feet into a cleansing soak. A callus softening agent will be applied to the callused areas all the while your toenails are being trimmed and your cuticle area groomed. Then experience an invigorating exfoliant scrub up to the knee that not only exfoliates but nourishes the skin and enhances hydration. Renew your skin with a refreshing masque wrapped with warm towels. Enjoy an extended foot and calf massage using advanced products followed by a warm keratin treatment for extra hydration. Finish with your choice of polish.
1.5 Hours.....$67    w/Gel Polish.....$77


Miscellaneous Treatments

Nail Art (Per Nail) $3
Nail Art Full Set $15
3D Nail Art (Per Nail) $10
Acrylic Soak Off with Mini Mani $35-$45
Polish Change $15
Nail Fix $5
Toe Wax $10
Toe Nail Cut and Soak $25
Polish Change Toes $15
Keratin Treatment $10
French Polish $20

Gel Polish

Gel Polish $35-$40
French Gel Polish $40-$45
Gel Polish with Soak Off $45-$50
Gel Polish Add On Service $10
Correction Gel $5
Gel Polish Removal $25

Full Sets

Full Set of Acrylics $60-$70
Pink & White Set of Acrylics $65-$80
Color Set of Acrylics $60-$70
Full Set of Poly Gel $55-$75
Pink & White Set of Poly Gel $65-$85
Dip Full Set Over Natural Nail $45
Pink & White Set of Dip $50
Precise Nails $50
Extreme Length $85+


Acrylic $30-$40
Poly Gel $45-$50
Pink & White Acrylic $40-$50
Color Acrylic $45-$50
Pink & White Poly Gel
*Does not include gel polish
Dip Rebalance $40
“Great table side manner, ideas & artwork. I would highly recommend. Also very knowledgeable about nails, techniques & products used. Janna is also one of the most talented nail artists in the entire Coulee Region and far beyond!”
“Service was above and beyond my expectations. Reconstruction on both large toenails, back in sandals 1st time in 5 years!!! So happy with customer service as well as technical ability. Thank you Kerry! Looking forward to many more future appointments.”
“Kerry is the best! She deals well with all of my nail issues, always coming up with solutions. I appreciate that she keeps herself educated on the latest tips, tricks, care, products, etc.”
“First time there and I had Bobbi. She did an awesome job! I absolutely love the nails.”

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